Pure water makes for a healthy and beautiful life. Quality is always the first consideration of our company; this is our insistence and promise to our customers as well. Our quality control procedure starts with quality material selection, quality inspection of components, assembly quality control and finished product testing. The products are manufactured with the most advanced technology and facility to ensure maximum reliability. All Our products are CE Approved

About Us



TS Aqua Systems is run by Tarik Shawish, a fully qualified and experienced mechanical engineer who has been working in this industry since 1998. Engineer Shawish recognised the tangible need of Maltese homes, commercial outlets and industrial establishments to have the availability of pure and well-filtered water for optimum health and cooking facilities.


By providing a full service in water purification and filtration through the installation of refined water treatment and reverse osmosis systems, TS Aqua Systems has firmly established itself on the local market.


A free on-site visit and a free quotation will help clients understand what the product range offers and how TS Aqua Systems can install a value-for-money system that works efficiently and effectively.


By investing in water quality, you also invest in quality health. Check out TS Aqua Systems to find the right water system for your family, your company, and you.



- Water Purification and Filtration Systems

- Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

- A Vast Range of Domestic Water Filters & Spare Parts

- Water Softeners

- Ultra Violet Sterilizers

- Supplier of Brackish & Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

- Chemical Cleanings for Industrial Membranes

- Various Cooling Dispensers



Free quotation

Free Delivery around Malta & Gozo.

Two- year Guarantee on our products.

Excellent After Sales Service provided.

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